Fife's STEM festival to focus on sustainability

Fife STEM Sustainability FestivalFife Education’s STEM Sustainability Festival is encouraging schools and families to get involved in another amazing Festival event for children and young people, with a wealth of workshops and activities for everyone to get involved.

This year's event, which runs from 10th -14th June promises an impressive lineup of workshops for learners of all ages and lots of exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) challenges that schools can share with families who can get involved with the festival at home.

The sustainability theme will be used to build links between STEM and Learning for Sustainability and follows on from the recently updated LfS Action Plan and call to action. 

The festival website is open to all and gives learners opportunities to explore Fife’s Climate Strategy and interact with STEM and Learning for Sustainability materials and there's an online festival support pack for everyone too.

Over a hundred children and young people will come together at Carnegie Conference Centre next Tuesday (11 June) to showcase their STEM learning from the Climate Smarter project by presenting their ideas and models of their future eco- school, incorporating renewable energy sources.

At the event, organised by Young Engineers and Science Clubs  (YESC) in partnership with Shell and hosted in Fife for the first time, learners will also be able to take part in exciting STEM Challenges presented by a variety of STEM organisations from across Scotland.

Working with Climate Action Fife, we are thrilled to launch the Fife Climate Forest Design Competition which is now open to all 5–12-year-olds across Fife. The competition challenges children and young people to imagine Fife’s Climate Forest and draw and write their vision on a postcard. The deadline for entries is 1st August with winners being announced during Fife’s Climate Festival from the 23rd of September to 5th October 2024. All the details can be found on the festival website 

Fife Council's chief executive, Ken Gourlay, said: "The STEM Festival programme provides a fantastic opportunity for our young people to engage in practical STEM learning linked to sustainability live in school and online through the festival website. It will be great to see the children's innovative postcard creations as part of the Fife Climate Forest Design Competition being launched during the festival."

Angela Logue, head of education at Fife Council, commented: “Fife's STEM festival is a fantastic opportunity for our children and young people to engage in a vast array of STEM activities in nurseries, schools and at home with families. STEM education is essential for securing a sustainable future for our children. It supports them to develop the values, attitudes, knowledge, skills, and confidence they will need to tackle various global challenges and protect their future.”