Council rent increase essential in sustaining housing services

Fife Council has agreed a rent increase of 5% for council houses from April 2024, adding £4.12 a week to the average rent cost.

The same increase will apply to service charges, garages, lockups, and temporary accommodation.

Councillor Judy Hamilton, Cabinet Spokesperson for Housing, said any increase in the current financial climate was a difficult one to make but that it was an essential move to support Fife's under-pressure housing services.

“We are on the brink of a housing emergency here in Fife and the rent increase we are introducing is lower than most other councils are implementing. However, that means there will still be a gap in the budget and this year we will be dipping into reserves to avoid that bigger increase for tenants.

"Tenants assessed the affordability of any increase and provided feedback on rent increases and on their priorities. To be able to deliver the tenants’ priorities: to continue to make home improvements, reduce fuel poverty and build new council houses, we need to increase rental income."

The increase will mean Fife Council's average weekly rent will be £86.53 going forward.

The rent increase is supported by a Tenant Support fund and this can be accessed to support tenants who paying full rent, who may not be able to access any Housing Benefit.

If you have any difficulties in paying your rent, housing officers are on hand. Call 03451 55 00 44 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. They can talk you through the various options available, including how you could get financial support to help pay your bills. More advice is also available online at