How do we create a more playful Fife?

Results from online play survey now available

FIFE Council are revealing the results of their online survey about where children and young people play and hang out in Fife in a story map.  They received over 1300 responses and have now published all the information about outdoor play opportunities in Fife's Play Sufficiency Assessment.

The Play Sufficiency Assessment is composed of different surveys covering the quantity of greenspace with 524 play spaces assessed and mapped.  The results were obtained online from both adults and under 18s.  Some children and young people also took part in play sessions in different parts of Fife.

The survey found that 68% of children play out daily or two -three times a week, with 11% only playing out once a month or not at all.   In the larger settlements there are neighbourhoods with many limited or poor value play spaces, whereas people felt that villages have enough play spaces which are accessible and of reasonable play value.  It was also found that children value different types of outdoor space for play or hanging out. Graveyards are an example of this.   And whilst facilities for teenage girls could be better, teenagers in general value their bus passes as this has improved their ability to be outside.

Cllr Altany Craik, spokesperson for Finance, Economy and Strategic Planning, said, “Some of the feedback has highlighted challenges to playing outside.  We need to use these challenges as an opportunity to make Fife a more playful place.

“We need to consider how we design public spaces so they reflect diverse playing needs, making sure there are better open spaces for teenagers, girls and young women as well as individuals with particular needs.

“The results can help us explore how current planning legislation can be used to best effect - for example, meeting wider needs rather than just creating lots of small play parks with equipment only for under 5s in our housing developments.”

The Play Sufficiency Assessment is required to comply with the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019.  It will be submitted to the Scottish Government early next year as part of the evidence base for the next local development plan and used to plan how to improve the quality and accessibility of outdoor play in Fife.

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