Fife’s Food Strategy Consultation

This article is more than 1 year old

The Food4Fife Partnership is consulting Fifers on a food strategy to benefit producers, consumers and the environment. The strategy is about supporting changes in the food system to maintain high quality food and drink production, reduce and regenerate environmental damage, and increase community participation.

The Food4Fife Partnership was launched In August 2021 by organisations from across Fife’s food system. The consultation is asking everyone in Fife for their views and feedback from March 20 – April 28 2023.

You can have your say at the following libraries across Fife:

  • Cowdenbeath Library
  • Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries
  • Rothes Halls Library
  • Kirkcaldy Galleries
  • Buckhaven Library
  • Cupar Library
  • Rosyth Library

or online at the Food4Fife website

Jo-Anne Valentine Chair of the Food4Fife Partnership said: 

“The people of Fife deserve to have access to the best produce Fife, and Scotland, has to offer, whether growing it themselves, buying it directly from local producers, choosing it at a retail outlet or being served it at school.

The Food4 Fife Partnership brings together representatives from all areas of the food system to work across boundaries and disciplines to make sure their actions are connected and for the benefit of all.

This draft strategy is one of the first steps to bring about the vision of a healthier, fairer and more environmentally sustainable food system in Fife by 2030.

I encourage everyone to get involved and give us your views – food is vital to us all and we can make the food system in Fife work better for us by thinking about what we want, looking at the challenges and finding solutions together. I encourage everyone to take part!”

Cllr Jan Wincott  Fife Council spokesperson for Environment and Climate Change said:

“This consultation invites you to comment on the draft Food4Fife strategy and let us know what you think. We want your views to help develop a way forward that we can all support and get involved in.

The draft Food4Fife strategy has a broad scope encompassing the whole food system including public sector procurement services in Fife Council and NHS Fife. The aim is to enable local farmers and producers to supply their goods directly so that schools and hospitals can provide fresher, higher quality food for pupils and patients while also reducing carbon emissions from transportation.

We would like our food system to be sustainable and healthy with fair and affordable access to locally produced high quality food for all Fifers.

This draft strategy is a proposed roadmap for how we can achieve this. Please give us your feedback and help bring about positive change for Fifers and their environment.”