Fife's Education and Children’s Services Unveil New Strategic Plans to Shape the Future

Cllr Kathleen Leslie

Fife's Education and Children’s Services (ECS) Directorate has unveiled its new plan to improve the lives of children and families across Fife.

Members of the Education Scrutiny Committee today considered the new plan at a specially convened meeting. They heard that the ECS Directorate, in compliance with legislation and national policy, had developed three key strategic plans:

  • The ECS Directorate Improvement Plan
  • The Fife Children’s Services Plan
  • The South East Improvement Collaborative (SEIC) Regional Improvement Plan

Each of these plans has recently been updated to meet evolving needs. Angela Logue, Head of Education and Children's Services, introduced the plans, saying:

"These strategic plans guide our actions and will help us build a better future for Fife's children."

The new Directorate Improvement Plan (2023-26) is designed to address the challenges faced by children, young people, and families in Fife. It focuses on two core areas:

  1. The Education Service, encompassing early years settings, schools, and specialist provision
  2. Children and Families Social Work

Key priorities for the Fife Children’s Services Plan include:

  • Enhancing Health & Wellbeing, with a special focus on mental health and physical health
  • Strengthening support for families through initiatives like "No Wrong Door" and "Whole Family Wellbeing"
  • Promoting engagement of children, young people, and families in service design
  • Addressing the needs of vulnerable children and young people, including those in care
  • Tackling issues of equity and equality across different demographics

For the Education Service, priorities include:

  • Improving Health & Wellbeing
  • Enhancing Attendance and Engagement
  • Boosting Achievement, including literacy and numeracy
  • Ensuring Positive Destinations for all young people in Fife

Scrutiny Committee Convenor Cllr Kathleen Leslie said: "

“We recognise the ongoing challenge of equity and equality and therefore, our goal must be to reduce educational disparities and ensure that every child in Fife has the opportunity to succeed.

“Today Committee has examined the Improvement Plan and asked a series of questions around the four key priorities that have been identified through our review of outcomes.

“I think it is fair to say we all want the best for our children and young people in Fife and to ensure that we have requested that annual feedback is provided to Committee on progress of the Plan so that we can continue to scrutinise going forward.

“Committee is now happy to recommend to Cabinet next month for approval."

Angela Logue continued:

"Our Directorate Plan has been created with input from staff, children, and families. It aligns closely with our commitment to a 'Fairer Fife' and supports our ongoing work to improve the lives of our young residents."

The Cabinet Committee will consider the plan at its next meeting on October 5, 2023.