Inverkeithing’s regeneration project strengthens community links as well as delivering new housing

An update report was presented at the recent South and West Fife Area Committee on the regeneration of South East Inverkeithing.

Cllr David Barratt, Convener of the Committee explained: “The South East Inverkeithing Regeneration Project placed emphasis on much more than the new housing development. It was a chance to work more closely with the community, create new partnerships and help to develop community groups along the way. Employment opportunities have been created alongside a range of community benefits as well as the new high-quality accommodation.

“Inverkeithing Trust has been established and the council is working with them to achieve some of the priorities identified in the Inverkeithing Neighbourhood Plan. We’ve seen fantastic community partnerships come to life including the Inverkeithing Pantry which gives out around 65 bags of food each week as well as cooked meals provided by EATS Rosyth. The pantry is now operating as a community shop.

“Events, whether newly established or expanded, have also benefitted from the regeneration’s approach too. Inverkeithing’s Community Council were supported to hold a Christmas Market last year and was a useful pilot project for future outdoor events when the shared space is completed in the High Street. The weekly ‘Summer at the Bally’ ran during the school holidays this year at Ballast Bank with an average of 65 children and 30 adults attending each week and the Inverkeithing Gala was supported in new ways too.

“These examples are snapshots of local regeneration in action. The new and strengthened partnerships between council officers, the local community, community groups, elected members and the housing developer have been crucial to the project’s successes. Although this regeneration project is coming to an end I’m confident it will have a lasting impact and keep benefitting the town’s community work in the years ahead.”