Fife Council signs Miscarriage Association's pregnancy loss pledge

Fife Council has recently signed the Miscarriage Association’s Pregnancy Loss Pledge, enhancing the support to staff experiencing pregnancy loss including providing paid time off to parents experiencing pregnancy loss at any stage.

By taking the pledge, Fife Council has shown commitment to creating a supportive work environment, having pregnancy loss guidance in place and supporting people, including partners, back to work by showing flexibility wherever possible.

Sharon McKenzie, Head of HR said: "We know that women who have a miscarriage will often need time off to recover, physically and emotionally. And their partners often need this support too. So, we’re extending our parental bereavement leave to cover anyone who experiences pregnancy loss at any stage of pregnancy. While we sincerely hope our employees don’t need to use this type of leave, we’re proud to add this to our package of employee wellbeing support."

Fife Council is the first local authority in Scotland to sign the pledge and by doing so hopes that it will help tackle any stigma surrounding miscarriage and encourage other employers to do the same.