Embrace - Caring in Fife, join the family

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Embrace -Caring in Fife

Embrace - Caring in Fife helping everyone with care experience to come together

A new, community initiative has launched today which will give anyone in Fife, who is care experienced, the chance to meet with others and share their experiences. Embrace – Caring in Fife is calling for those with care experience to share their stories, support each other and inform the development of Care in Fife.

Embrace Caring in Fife hopes to bring people together as a family, to support each other and help to create a better future for others who may experience care.

The campaign is hoping to bring all those in Fife, who have experience of the care system, together to be a collective voice and greater community presence. It will be led by those who have lived the experience, to help others in a similar situation. By sharing stories and experiences, it’s hoped we can create a better experience for the next generation of children.

Kathy Henwood, Head of Children & Families & Criminal Justice Service, said: “We believe that only those who have actually lived or experienced care in this way can truly understand how it feels. We want to help them build and create a community of their own, where they’ll be able to share their stories, form new local groups and support each other. Together they can help each other be seen and heard and influence the design and delivery of supports in Fife.

“The positive impact on the outcomes for children and young people in the future could be significant.”

This campaign has been initiated by Fife Council, Fife’s Corporate Parenting Board and The Promise Scotland.

Through time, and with continuing support from Fife Council and The Promise Scotland, the care-experience community will shape and take control of 'Embrace – Caring in Fife’, turning it into a valuable resource and means of communication.

You can find out more at www.embrace-fife.com or call freephone on 0800 953 0535