Don’t Rubbish Fife’s Roadside verges

Cllr Wincott and the clean up team on the B921Roadside litter is harmful to wildlife, the local environment, and is difficult and dangerous to clean up. The clean-up process often causes unavoidable traffic disruption.

Fife Council Verge Cleaning Teams have been working on the verges and the central reservation of the B921 from Bankhead to Kinglassie. As this is a large-scale project it involved lane closures, with street cleansing teams manually litter picking and mechanically sweeping the road channels. The Grounds Maintenace service will also be cutting back over hanging trees, shrubs.

Roadside litter is unsightly and a blight on the beautiful landscapes of Fife. In our latest ‘#Don’t Rubbish Fife’ campaign we are asking people to keep their rubbish in their vehicles until they can dispose of it responsibly. Find a bin or take it home. As most of it comes out of passing vehicles, this is a preventable scourge on our landscape.

Councillor Jan Wincott, spokesperson for Environment & Climate Change, said “Our Verge Cleaning Teams were established in June 2021 specifically to deal with roadside verge littering. They’ve all completed training, looking at the risks involved in working on verges close to high speed traffic.

“This litter comes from a few thoughtless individuals that have no consideration for where it will end up or what damage it might do. Litter ruins the landscape for locals and visitors. Let’s be proud of where we live - Don’t Rubbish Fife.“