Changes to St Andrews town centre domestic waste collections

This article is more than 2 years old

St Andrews skylineFrom the beginning of March, some residents in St Andrews town centre will see changes to their domestic waste collection service.

On Tuesday 1st March, all grey bins in the town centre, currently used for landfill waste, will be swapped over for a blue bin. On that day, residents should leave their grey bin out for collection and once it has been emptied leave it at the kerbside from where it will be swapped for a blue bin later that day. The replacement blue bin is the same size as the grey bin.

Properties in the town centre area who currently have a grey landfill bin collected weekly and a blue bin used for paper and cardboard collected 4-weekly will be affected too.

On Tuesday 1st March both bins should be left out for collection and once emptied should be used in line with the new arrangements – landfill waste in the blue bin and paper and cardboard in the grey bin.

But town centre residents using communal bins or black sacks will be unaffected by these changes and these bins will continue to be collected weekly.

Sandy Anderson, waste operations service manager said: “We’re bringing St Andrews town centre in line with other areas who use their blue bins for landfill waste, but the collection frequency will remain the same. We’ve written to every household who’ll be affected and, if they need to, residents can check what can be put into their bins on our website at