£30,000 funding agreed for anti-poverty initiative in Dunfermline

graphic of a house wrapped in a scarf next to a calculator with a hat on Funding of £30,000 has been agreed for Healthy Homes, Dunfermline. Members of the City of Dunfermline Area Committee agreed to the funding at committee today. This will enable the successful pilot scheme to build on the progress that has already been made over the previous 6 months.

Healthy Homes, Dunfermline, offer home energy advice to local residents with long term illnesses or people that require enhanced heating regimes. They work with households that are struggling to heat their homes affordably. They help each household create an ‘energy action plan’. This focuses on budgeting, fuel debt advice and energy saving habits to help prevent the householder going into fuel poverty.

They also identify simple energy efficient improvements for the property such as thermal curtains or LED bulbs to improve the thermal comfort of the households. This means tested support can also include referrals to partner agencies for additional support where necessary.

Cllr. James Calder, Convener of the City of Dunfermline Area Committee, said “In this current time of energy uncertainty, we need to ensure that those at most risk of falling into fuel poverty through ill health are given extra support. This additional advice can help them stay warm, healthy and save them energy and money.”

The funding will come from the Dunfermline Local Area Anti-poverty Budget. It will supplement an already wide-ranging programme of support put in place by Fife Council to help support people facing the impacts of poverty and the cost of living crisis.