Update on radiation monitoring in Dalgety Bay

This article is more than 2 years old

Members of the South and West Fife Area Committee have today been updated on the radiation monitoring in Dalgety Bay.

Representatives from SEPA and the MOD told the committee that within the next 2 weeks residents in The Wynd will notice that trees are being cut back. This is to allow larger vessels to be removed from the Sailing Club and for cabins to be delivered to the construction site where a compound is being created.

Concrete containers will be manufactured in a facility in Inverkeithing. These are designed to hold any affected material found and they will be shipped to the site by barge.

Monitoring will continue across the site while the work takes place. The final licenses for the work to begin has is still to be passed. All methodology and 100% of the information needs to be in place before this can happen.

View across Dalgety Bay showing the affected area