Round up of news from South & West Fife Area Committee

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South and West Fife Area Committee took place this morning (Wed 21 April 2021) It was broadcast live. Here are the outcomes of some of the items that were discussed.

Rosyth FC

Members discussed the future provision of a pitch for Rosyth Football Club. A proposed development meant that the club gave up the pitch they had been using, on the understanding that they would be relocated. There are a few options available in the long term however options are few for the short term. Officers are continuing to be supportive of the club and have requested a verbal update be given at the next meeting of the SWFA Committee.

Grass Management changes

Following a survey about changes to grass management in South West Fife members welcomed a 55.6% positive response across the area.

Reducing the number of cuts and allowing some areas to ‘re-wild’ by not lifting the cuttings will reduce the areas carbon emissions.

Tourist provision in North Queensferry

Members of Committee have agreed to allocate £74,000 towards the provision of tourist facilities in North Queensferry. This will go part way to replacement for public toilets that had to be removed from Battery Road car park. Further funding is being sought.

School attainment

Members have been given an update on the school attainment and achievements of the secondary and primary schools.

Headteachers advised that teachers have learned a lot since the first lockdown. There is now a robust set of guidance in place for 2021 to ensure a consistent and equitable approach to assessment.

There is agreement that digital learning has come on massively and that this should be harnessed in the future.

For assessment purposes, there has been robust tracking and monitoring of pupils, gathering knowledge skills and understanding during this lockdown. It is felt that lessons learned last year have been built on for this year.

Councillor Alice McGarry, Convener, expressed what all the members felt and gave thanks to all the teachers, parents, carers and pupils for their efforts saying “we can’t underestimate the extraordinary efforts that have been made to keep pupils learning.”

The full school achievement reports we be published online after the meeting.

North Queensferry Plan

Members agreed for an extension to the deadlines set out for the creation of a North Queensferry Plan. While initial contacts have been made to organisations within the North Queensferry Community, progress has been restricted.

With the latest opening up of restrictions this campaign will now be able to move forward. For more information and to find out how to get involved visit:Lets Talk Fife

Committee papers

All the papers for todays committee will shortly be available on this site by following this link.

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