Headstone inspections at St Andrews Eastern Cemetery

This article is more than 2 years old

St Andrews Eastern CemeteryFife Council is set to undertake routine safety inspections of headstones in St Andrews Eastern Cemetery from 15th November.

Where headstones are found to require attention, the survey team will make safe as sympathetically as possible. In a small number of instances it may be necessary to fence off larger memorials until specialist contractors have had an opportunity to inspect.  Signage advising of the inspections will be placed around the cemetery.

Liz Murphy, Fife Council's Service Manager, Bereavement Services, said: “Fife Council has a duty of care to provide a safe environment in each of our 115 cemeteries and churchyards for both the public who visit them and council staff who work there.

“I would encourage local people who have kin within this cemetery to get in touch so that we can keep them advised of any remedial work required.

“I would also urge members of the public to be respectful in and around cemeteries and to report any concerns regarding cemetery safety to Fife Council.”

For more information please contact:

Liz Murphy, Bereavement Services, Fife Council
Email: liz.murphy@fife.gov.uk
Tel: 01592 583524