Forming North Queensferry's future

This article is more than 2 years old

A project to create a Local Action Plan for North Queensferry is currently being developed. The aim is to use a ‘charrette-style’ approach to engage with as many residents, organisations, businesses and generations as possible.

A charrette is a consultation process which will allow people to put forward their ideas for the community. These will be gathered together to create a series of ideas and options that the whole community can discuss and debate. The intention is to create a shared vision for the village, a deliverable land-use strategy, and shape community decision-making and investment.

The vision and goals for the Local Action Plan for North Queensferry will be developed by local people and will include short-, medium-, and long-term objectives. These may contribute towards the development of a Neighbourhood Plan in the future.

Fife Council officers have already met with local councillors and the Community Council to outline the project and get their support.

Discussions are underway with the Headteacher of the local primary school to look at ways to involve the children in the community consultations.

Councillor Alice McGarry, Convener of the South and West Fife Area Committee said “The community will have a key role to play in establishing a community vision to take the action plan forward. They need to be at the heart of any design and delivery-making processes.

“Only through collaborative, inclusive consultations and participation opportunities can we hope to capture a complete picture of local people’s ideas, their aspirations and their concerns for the future development within North Queensferry. Most importantly, we’ll use this input to influence a realistic and deliverable Local Action Plan determined for and by residents.”

As we move forward under current restrictions, we are also looking at alternative ways to run these engagement sessions. These might involve online surveys questionnaires and virtual gatherings. We would combine these with hard copy forms and other digital ways to submit suggestions. If you would like to keep up to date with how you can get involved visit: and click on the link to North Queensferry.