Fife Business Diversity Awards 2021

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Graphic to promote awardsFife Business Diversity Awards 2021 will showcase the achievements of people disadvantaged by age, disability or circumstances in the workplace, and the employers who strive to promote Equality and Diversity within the workforce.

If you know a business, organisation or individual in Fife who excels in promoting the employment of people who face disadvantages in the labour market, then please take the time to enter these important Awards.

Many of Fife's employment service providers ensure people who are disadvantaged in the labour market are given the encouragement, guidance and support they need to find and keep a job.  Our awards give recognition to remarkable people who have undergone an inspirational journey to employment.

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics in business right now.  Our awards acknowledge employers in Fife who make sure people who face disadvantage, for whatever reason, are given the opportunity to secure and sustain a job.

The 2021 award categories are :


  • (Youth, Adult, Health/Disability)

  • For individuals who have shown determination and undertaken a range of activities such as personal development and vocational training, completing qualifications, voluntary work and work trials as they progress towards finding a paid job.  Individuals will have overcome challenges or barriers arising from personal, family, financial, health or social impacts in pursuit of their goals.


  • For individual employers or companies who provide a positive and inclusive work environment.  In this category, we are looking for employers who provide training, support and work opportunities that helps them develop a diverse workforce that includes people who may face disadvantages in finding and staying in work.  Their workforce may include people with disabilities or health conditions, people who have been long term unemployed, care experienced young people, single parents, migrants or veterans.


  • For any individual, group, business or organisation who have developed a new Employability idea or new methods of working in the Employability field to improve opportunities for people who are disadvantaged in the labour market such as employer incentives, publicity, staff and employer equality awareness training, workplace schemes or empowerment training.

Nomination forms are available online or you can also request one by emailing The deadline for nomination is 30 July 2021

You can watch the online Fife Business Diversity Awards 2020 by clicking this link.