Council committed to protecting Fife’s coastline

This article is more than 2 years old

image of Leven BeachFife Council welcomes the findings from the Scottish Government’s Dynamic Coast 2 (DC2) project.

This project involved looking at historical coastal erosion as well as predicting potential future erosion of Scotland’s coastline under different climate change scenarios.

As a member of the steering group, Fife Council has been closely involved with the Dynamic Coast 2 project it realises the importance of this work in terms of future shoreline management planning, which is driven by likely sea level rise​s and other climate change effects.

In response to the release of the results of the project and other key national data (such as revised sea level projections) over the last few years, the Council is ​now planning to carry out a review of the existing Fife Shoreline Management Plan (2011) to determine ​the implications of this new data on the existing Council Policies contained within the Plan

Councillor Ross Vettraino, the Convenor of the Councils Environment and Protective Services Sub-committee, which has strategic oversight of coastal protection, has said: “Everyone with an interest in the Fife coast is encouraged to visit and view the results from the project, which is of particular importance to Fife, as it has over 100 miles of coastline. This project has been funded by CREW - Scotland’s centre of excellence for watersNatureScot, the St Andrews Links Trust, and the Research Team was from the University of Glasgow.  It's time to become Sea Level Wise."