Change to traffic waiting restrictions Craigleith Avenue

This article is more than 2 years old

Changes to waiting restrictions are proposed for Craigleith Avenue Area (former Fraser Avenue Area) in Inverkeithing

The current regulation refers to Fraser Avenue and the Fraser Avenue Service Road, however due to redevelopment of the area these roads no longer exist. Since the opening of the new shops, created as part of the development, there have been issues with drivers parking on the footpaths on Hillend Road and Craigleith Avenue. This is causing safety concerns for pedestrians.

Members of the South and West Fife Area Committee have agreed to the promotion of a “No waiting at any time” double yellow line prohibition to keep the paths clear of parked vehicles. New waiting regulations would apply to Craigleith Avenue, Craigleith Wynd, Gray Place, Spencerfield Road and Spittalfield Road, Inverkeithing.

To allow vehicles to exit from Spittalfield Road into the south end of Fraser Avenue, double yellow lines will be permanently marked on the corner of Spittalfield Road and Spencerfield Road to keep the road clear for through traffic.

These changes are in the interests of road safety and management. These traffic restrictions will now be promoted in the area.

Maps showing where the proposed changes are