Updated advice for using Fife’s bus stations and public transport including the mandatory use of face coverings

This article is more than 3 years old

We want everyone to stay safe when travelling and using our bus stations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve introduced some new measures for people to follow when using Fife’s bus stations, which will go back to their normal opening hours from Monday 22 June.

In line with the Scottish Government’s announcement, a face covering will be mandatory on public transport and in our bus stations (also from Monday 22 June). It applies to all passengers and staff in public areas, although there will be exemptions especially for those who are not able to wear a face covering for specific medical reasons. Children under five will also be exempt.

When entering and leaving bus stations, please use the hand sanitisers provided. We have a sign posted one-way system in place to help with physical distancing. Please respect others and allow them to leave areas before you pass.

When sitting in the bus station, leave a seat between you and passengers from any other household. Only one person can use the toilets at a time.

Capacity will gradually increase on buses as the Scottish Government works through its phased route map and more people need to use public transport for work. Allow extra time for your journey as you may have to wait for the next bus if the bus is full.

Please wait for other passengers to get off the bus before you board and let one person at a time get on the bus to buy their ticket. If you can, use a bank card for contactless payment, or pre-pay online. If you pay by cash, please try to have the exact change.

As in bus stations, wear a face covering throughout your journey and leave a seat in between you and passengers from any other household.

Tony McRae, Fife Council’s Service Manager for Passenger Transport Services said: “Physical distancing will remain in place on public transport for the foreseeable future so before you travel ask yourself if you really need to and if there is a quieter route or less busy time to do so.

“Please always follow the face covering and physical distancing measures that are in place. They’re there to protect all passengers and staff.”

If you have any concerns about safety measures in our bus stations, please speak to the Bus Station Supervisor.