Update on the radiation clean up at Dalgety Bay

Members of the South & West Fife Area Committee, have been told by the Project Manager, Stephen Ritchie, about the planned timetable of work to clean up the low level radiation material in Dalgety Bay.

He confirmed that:

  • Work will start from April 2021. Once the over wintering birds leave the area.
  • Larger craft have now been moved to Port Edgar.
  • An area at the sailing club has been agreed for a compound. Cabins will probably start moving onsite in February.
  • A concrete works is already established to create containers for the material.

It was confirmed that there is an expectation that little material will be removed from site. Sand will be lifted cleaned of the low level radiation material and put back. Only the affected material will be removed. This cannot be confirmed until work starts on site.

A photograph of the bay at Dalgety Bay