Test and Protect - we're here to help

This article is more than 3 years old

Test and Protect is the next stage in the fight against COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Covid-19 isn’t going to just disappear anytime soon but we all need to start getting back to our lives at some point. Before we can begin to do that we need to find a way to stop the virus from spreading through the population.

This is where Test and Protect comes in. Put simply we test people and if they are positive, ask them to stay completely away from anyone else (self-isolate) for at least 7 days. We then look at who that person might have been in close contact with recently. If necessary we then ask those people to stay away from anyone else (self-isolate) for the next 14 days.

For this to work we need everyone to play their part and stick to the rules.

But how do you stay away from everyone for 14 days? How do you go shopping at that time? What about your family? Pets?

Try not to panic there’s a lot of support to help you if you are asked to self-isolate.

Visit our webpage for more information on how the council can help you www.fife.gov.uk/covidassistance

For more information on symptoms, self-isolation and how to help stop the spread of Covid19 visit coronavirus.nhsfife.org/testing