Latest on business grants

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Latest on business grants

We’ve now paid out more than £34 million to Fife businesses as part of the Scottish Government’s business support grant scheme in response to Covid-19.

To date we’ve received almost 4,000 applications from businesses across the Kingdom. From these we’ve processed over 3,200, with 3,012 being approved. Once approved, payments are being made either the same day or next working day.

The teams have been working extremely hard over the last few weeks and we’ve almost caught up with our 10-working day deadline and are now processing grants from 22 April.

However, we do have almost 700 applications that need further investigation. This is because the business has not registered with the Council or applied for the appropriate relief.

We have been contacting businesses to get the appropriate registration details and/or asking them to apply for the appropriate relief.  We aim to clear these applications, in chronological order over the next two/three weeks, but this relies on the individual businesses supplying us with the appropriate information.

We’ve also paid out over £450,000 as part of the Self-Employment Hardship fund to 225 businesses across Fife.

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