Help shape Fife’s community portal

This article is more than 3 years old

We are aware that individuals and community groups can face considerable barriers when trying to take initiatives and projects forward as a result of policies, procedures, funding arrangements, structures, advice, knowledge and support.

The Community Portal Project aims to review how we currently provide digital support for individuals and community groups that are trying to make a difference, identifying strengths, weaknesses and the pain points in the processes.

The main output of this project will be the design and development of a community portal to make it easier for individuals and community groups to access support from the Council and elsewhere.

It is envisaged that the portal will be a space where individuals could:

  • apply for a grant,
  • apply to run an event,
  • check and apply for permission,
  • make a community asset transfer application,
  • submit a participation request,
  • get support with a local project or with fundraising, or
  • find out what community resources are available in the area.

To help shape the development of Fife's community portal, drawing from your own experience of community initiatives/projects, please share your thoughts on six questions via the following link: