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Future of Transport and Mobility in the South East of Scotland

Fife Council is one of the eight local authorities who make up the statutory South East of Scotland Regional Transport Partnership. (SEStran). The role of SEStran is to produce a Regional Transport Strategy to support the partnership's vision for a healthier, greener, more inclusive transport system.

SEStran is developing a new Regional Transport Strategy (RTS). The RTS will set out a clear framework for how transport will be provided, developed and improved to meet the needs and aspirations for a sustainable, economically active region over the next 10 years.

We are at a crucial moment for planning and developing transport. In the South East of Scotland, our transport needs are integral to the sustainable and inclusive aspirations of the region’s developments. Furthermore, the wide-reaching implications of Covid-19 bring an urgency to considering how the transport and mobility needs of all people, goods and services can be met in our region.

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