Foster Carers making staying at home fun

Fife Council foster carers are pulling out all the stops to make staying at home fun for the children in their care.

They are crafting, baking, dancing, laughing, playing, singing, walking, cycling, fence painting, gardening, clapping, reading, bouncing, learning, rainbow making, BBQ-ing, building, bubbles, scooting, discos, celebrations, movie days and nights, den building, gaming……………… you name it they are doing it.

Kathy Henwood Head of Fife Council's Education and Children's Services said: Fostering is an amazingly caring occupation and we are seeing this demonstrated even more during this challenging time.  All our foster carers are going the extra mile to make being at home, fun and safe. Fostering in normal times can be challenging but with everyone at home and all the usual out of school activities on hold, foster carers are digging deep. They are using their strengths, resources and expertise to help children and each other. Through sharing on social media, they are keeping one another feeling positive and by embracing new technology they are holding virtual coffee mornings and evenings so everyone can join in at a time that fits around their caring commitments.

There’s always someone available to offer advice and support, share equipment and make sure all the children have what they need when it is difficult getting out.

I am immensely proud to pay tribute and recognise their hard work. Foster carers are doing an outstanding job and the support they are offering each other is incredible. Without their dedication and commitment, vulnerable children could be at risk of harm.”

She added: “Although we are in challenging times, we still need more foster carers. If you find yourself in a position to consider fostering our Family Placement Team is keen to receive enquiries and are prioritising applications and assessments to make sure they are processed as quickly as possible. They are carrying out their normal activities over the phone and are open for business. Go to to find out more and enquire online.”