Fifers asked to check online bin calendars

Fife Council is still picking up all blue, brown and green bins across Fife. But, some people in East and West Fife will have their green bin (plastics and cans) collected on a different week to help us manage resources at this challenging time.

That's why we're asking everyone to check their bin calendar on Sunday to make sure the green bin is out on the right week at Not everyone is affected.

Like other front-line essential services across the country, bin men are working in challenging circumstances.

Our message to Fifers

We know that many people are struggling with all the changes that we are having to make to our lifestyles. We are trying our best to deliver the best service we can.

If your bin is out for collection, and it’s not been collected by the evening of Friday 3 April, please bring it back in until the next scheduled collection.

Brown bins (garden and food waste) continue to be collected every 4 weeks. If you have any concerns about excess food waste, please place this in your blue landfill bin.

We’ve temporarily stopped collections of grey (paper/cardboard recycling) bins. We’re reviewing this and will re-instate as soon as we can.

Why are you making these changes?

We’ve had to make these changes because staff are either self-isolating or unwell. Please be patient with your bin men. We’re trying to provide the best service we can

What about my grey bin?

Please don’t put your grey paper bin out as we are not emptying these bins at present.

What can I do with excess waste? 

  • Wash and squash plastics and cans, especially plastic juice and milk bottles, then put the lid back on to keep air out.
  • Flatten drinks and food cartons, like UHT milk and fruit juice cartons.
  • Fold cardboard flat and store in a car, attic, under a bed, in a shed or garage.
  • Put excess paper and cardboard into your blue bin.
  • Take excess recycling to a smaller, nearby recycling point that you can walk to. (Only when you take your daily exercise).

It really helps is us if you only put out bins for collection that need emptied (or are more than half full).

Our recycling centres remain closed, in line with government restrictions. If you have items you would normally dispose of at recycling centres, please store these securely until services resume.

We know that these are extremely challenging times for many of you. Please look out for your neighbours and check that they can put their bins out on the right day. If bins are not presented, it’ll not be possible to come back for missed bins until your next scheduled collection day.

Please check your bin collection dates here Calendars will be updated by Sunday 5 April this week.