Don't be afraid to ask for help - Co-leaders' message to Fifers

This article is more than 3 years old

The outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus has changed all our lives and may have left many struggling to cope - financially, physically and emotionally.

No-one needs to struggle alone. We are here for everyone in our community, with a huge range of support and services available to anyone in need.

That’s the message today from Fife’s Co-Leaders David Alexander and David Ross.

Cllr Alexander explained: “We understand the huge impact this virus is having on daily life and everyone within Fife Council has been working tirelessly to make sure we are protecting our communities.

“We already have a huge team of staff, working with volunteers who are ready to provide help directly to those who are most at risk. We are working with the Scottish Government, Fife Health and Social Care and Fife Voluntary Action (FVA) and have identified over 5,500 people in Fife in need of immediate help and support. This group includes not only those who are vulnerable, because of their age or previous medical condition (the so-called "shielding" group) but others in our communities who may have become more vulnerable due to the current situation.

“We have taken delivery of community food supplies and have created seven-day, food parcels which will start to be delivered to homes in the coming days.

Cllr Ross continued: “We have moved quickly in Fife and we are ahead of others in getting this food assistance in place. I’m very proud of all our staff and volunteers at FVA who have worked so hard to get this up and running.

“We have also created Community Assistance Hubs in our seven local areas. These are co-ordinating and managing the local v support and helping us to identify where the local need may be. As time passes these will be places where the community can access support and supplies when needed.

“Also later this week customers will be able to request the meals on wheels service online, for themselves or on behalf of someone else. This can provide a cooked meal in the middle of the day delivered to your home, the afternoon tea service will also be available.

“The message we want to get across is we are here for you, there is help available, get in touch if you need it.”

Services and updates can be accessed through our website

Our emergency lines and usual support lines are still up and running.

These are:

  • Emergencies (housing repairs and statutory support lines) - 03451 55 00 99
  • Adult & Child Protection - 01383 602200
  • Homeless - 0800 028 6231
  • Money & Payments - 03451 55 11 55
  • Social Work - 03451 55 15 03
  • Welfare Fund - 0300 555 0265

Cllr Ross continued: “We understand that some people have no online access and may not know what help is available, or which service they require. This is why we have set up the Fife Covid Community Helpline on 0800 952 0330.

“If you or someone you know can’t access our services online this number can act as a triage to help point you in the right direction, to get the help you need."

Cllr Alexander added: “We need the help of the local communities to share this number with family, neighbours or friends who may not be online, or who need help to guide them to the right service. We don’t want anyone to feel cut off or alone. We are here to help.”

Covid community numbers