Cupar recycling centre prepares to re-open

This article is more than 2 years old

Cupar recycling centre will reopen from Thursday 23 July. As with the other Fife sites, a booking system is in place. Bookings open Monday 20 July, and can be made at

Cupar recycling centre will initially be open two days per week, Thursday and Sunday.

Robin Baird, Chief Operating Officer, Fife Resource Solutions (FRS), which runs recycling services on behalf of Fife Council, said: “We thank Fife residents for their continued patience and understanding. We’re pleased that by the end of July, ten of our sites will be open, and even more people will be able to access our recycling centres.

“It’s thanks to most people sticking to the restrictions that we’re able to continue our staged and measured approach to the re-opening of sites, whilst ensuring the safety of staff and users. We will continue to review sites and how they are working to make them even more accessible and visitor-friendly."

From Tuesday 14 July, small and medium sized vans including pickups, passenger vans and small camper vans, can access Ladybank and Dunfermline. Ladybank and Dunfermline recycling centres are on our resource recovery sites requiring minimal transportation for containers so can take a higher volume of waste and recycling. Bookings to bring the vehicles outlined can be made from Tuesday 14 July.

All other recycling centres will remain only accessible by cars. Large vans (long wheelbase or raised roof) and trailers continue to be excluded from accessing any recycling centres.

Visits continue to be limited to one per week. Further details on vehicle criteria can be found at

The range of materials accepted at Fife’s recycling centres is detailed below. Accepted materials remain limited to what one person can dispose of unaided:

  • landfill waste (non-recyclable and not reusable items e.g. bagged waste, polystyrene, small items of upholstered furniture, luggage, plastic toys and furniture)
  • green garden waste
  • plastic & cans
  • paper & cardboard
  • wood (inc. MDF and logs) and
  • metal (no electrical items). 
    The council is still not currently accepting electrical items (small or large), soils, rubble, glass, textiles or other larger bulky items that cannot be fitted into a car and disposed of by one person e.g. sofas or double mattresses.

Convener of Fife Council's Environment and Protective Services Committee, Cllr Ross Vettraino, added: "As always, the council is putting safety first. The magnitude of the challenges with which the council is faced, it is remarkable that the council has managed to re-open 10 of its 11 recycling centres and this is testimony to the effort that is being made by staff to enable the continuation of so many essential services.

“Fife Council’s bulky waste collection service is available and those members of the Community, who wish to recycle glass, paper and cardboard, plastics and cans can do so at any of the hundreds of recycling points throughout Fife