Construction begins on new active travel routes to Victoria Hospital

This article is more than 3 years old

Work has started on the first phase of new ‘active travel’ routes to Victoria Hospital.

The route will connect from the toucan crossing at the White Heather Roadhouse on Hendry Road through to the Whyteman’s Brae junction and on to Beatty Crescent, along Hayfield Road.

The shared use paths will replace the on-road cycle lanes on Hayfield Road and will be more suitable for not only bicycles but, mobility scooters and pedestrians.

A second phase, planned for later in the year, if funding is secured, will connect the route up to Overton Road, Cumbrae Terrace and Chapel Level.

Convener of the Kirkcaldy Area Committee, Cllr Neil Crook, said: “This is part of a wider project that will deliver shared use paths to link the outlying neighbourhoods of Templehall, Dunnikier, Smeaton, Pathhead and Gallatown.

“As with most hospitals, parking can be a real issue for people visiting the Victoria Hospital. We’re keen to encourage more local active travel trips to the hospital and its health facilities for those who are able. Coupled with the bus services that serve the Victoria, this will greatly improve the offering for local people who would like to make the trip without their car.”

Andrew Fairgrieve, NHS Fife’s Director of Estates, Facilities and Capital Development, added: “We’re very pleased to see this work has started. It will be another incentive for our local staff and patients to travel to the Victoria Hospital without the car. Everyone benefits from active travel and we encourage it, where possible, to help boost health and wellbeing.”

The first phase of work is expected to take around eight weeks.