Brown bins returning to fortnightly collection

This article is more than 3 years old

From 1 June 2020 we'll resume collecting brown bins every two weeks.

We're collecting all blue, green and grey bins as normal and starting from 1 June, brown bins will return to fortnightly collection. If you've any concerns about excess food waste, please place this in your blue landfill bin.

We're trying our best to collect all bins but if your bin is out and it has not been collected please leave out and we'll try our best to return. Please continue to put your bins out for 6am on your collection day.

Please look out for your neighbours and check that they can put their bins out.  It may not be possible to come back for missed bins until your next scheduled collection day.

Sandy Anderson, Service Manager thanked residents for their patience saying: "Thank you for your continued understanding and co-operation. We're pleased to be returning the brown bin collection to normal from June.
"We’re providing the best service we can with what we have."

Please check your bin collection dates at