Advice on flooding following Met Office weather warnings

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Up-to-the-minute information is also available from SEPA at or via the Floodline service on 0345 988 1188.

As weather warnings continue, Fife Council is providing advice and information on preventative actions that residents can take to help protect their property, belongings and their family. For advice visit

If there is evidence of sewage, please call the Scottish Water emergency line on 0845 601 8855


· Know how to shut off power, gas and water supplies to your property.

· Keep a list of useful contact numbers and check that your home and motor insurance policies provide adequate cover for flood damage.

· Consider how to make your property more flood resilient when carrying out home improvements.

· Install flood protection products such as airbrick covers or flood barriers and know how to fit them correctly – this could give you more time to move your possessions away from flood water.

Practical advice

· If you are at immediate risk of flooding contact us on 03451 55 00 11, option 4 (Roads and Transportation), 03451 55 00 99 (to report out-of-hours emergencies).

· Call emergency services if you are concerned about your own safety or the safety of others.

· If water is coming into your property use a bucket or large bowl to collect the water and contain it as much as possible with towels.

· If your ceiling is bulging with water, try piercing a small hole in the bubble to release the water until a more permanent repair can be carried out. Remember to place a bucket or basin underneath the hole to collect the water.

· If water is coming through a light fitting, leave it alone, and call an electrician to isolate the electricity to the light. If drains are overflowing in your street, call Fife Council on 03451 550011 or report it online at

· If a whole street is under water and every property is affected, contact the Fife Fire & Rescue Service. If you need sandbags - If a property is at immediate risk of flooding the public can contact the council on 03451 550011 and they will be delivered. Residents are expected to undertake reasonable measures to protect their properties. Sandbags can be bought at most DIY stores.

· Residents should check that their insurance policy provides adequate cover, including building replacement, structural repairs and full contents including personal valuables.

Ross Speirs, Service Manager , Fife Council, said: “Should anyone require assistance, we are available to help and support. If a property is at immediate risk of flooding the public can contact us on 03451 550011 (option 4) and the council will deliver sandbags, and provide advice on additional support, if needed. “Residents in flood-risk areas across Fife are able to access council-provided flood pods and use the flood sacks inside to protect their homes. Flood pods are discreet black boxes - like small sheds. These contain flood ‘sacks’ and flood ‘snakes’. These pods are located across Fife – where required - for communities to use. “Standby crews are available to assist, and we continue to monitor and top up flood pods, and replenish flood sack stocks. “After the recent heavy rainfall, checks continue on main waterways and problem areas. “Residents are also expected to undertake reasonable measures to protect their properties and empty sandbags can be obtained at most DIY stores, or there is information on flood products such as flood barriers and airbrick covers at the Scottish Environmental Protection Agencies (SEPA) website “Over the longer term we continue to inform local people about flood prevention measures.” If residents are in financial hardship as a result of the severe weather options include:

· Applying to the Crisis Grant Fund, by calling 0300 555 0265 between 9.00 and 2.30 Monday – Friday or online at We’re currently turning ‘round these applications within 2 working days.

· Applying for a Community Care Grant. This is available to those who’s household items, such as beds, sofas, flooring, white goods etc. have been damaged. Again you can apply online at

Eligibility criteria applies.

Alternatively, residents impacted may want to contact the Scottish Flood Forum at This charity offers support and advice to residents following a flood - dealing with water damaged properties and insurance companies. They may also be able to point residents to where they could get some funding.

Different organisations have specific roles to play in flood management. Responsibilities for flooding can be found at SEPA responsibilities for flooding