Use it, don’t lose it!

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The General Election will take place on 12 December 2019, make sure you vote using a cross(X)

FIFERS who are registered to vote are being urged to turn up and use their vote in next week’s General Election.

Mike Melville, Electoral Services Manager for Fife, said: “Voting is the most important way for residents to make their voice heard on issues which concern them.  It’s their opportunity to exercise their right to help influence and shape who will run the United Kingdom.

”There are 271,519 people registered to vote across Fife who could use their vote in the General Election. I would encourage them to use it, not lose it.”

So, what should you do on 12 December?  Most people will be voting in person at a polling place. When you arrive, you’ll be asked to confirm your name and address – you don’t need to bring your poll card with you on the day, but it will save you time if you do – and given your ballot paper. It is essential you vote using the correct system. To make your choice for the General Election, simply place a cross (X) next to the name of the candidate you want to represent you.

Polling places will be open from 7am to 10pm. As this is a ‘snap’ General Election and therefore not planned, it also means that schools being used as polling places will be open to staff and pupils as normal.

Mike also reminded those voting by post of the details they need to supply. He said: “If you applied for a postal vote, you should have received your postal ballot pack in the mail. If you haven’t received it by Friday 6 December, please contact the Elections Team on 03451 55 55 22.

“Read the instructions carefully - a statement which comes with your ballot paper will ask for your date of birth and your signature for security reasons. It’s absolutely vital that you complete and sign this statement as if it’s not done or not done correctly your vote may not be counted. When you have filled in both the statement and the ballot paper, put them in the envelopes provided, seal them immediately, and post to us as soon as you can.”

Please note that if you have a postal vote you can’t go along to your local polling place and vote there on 12 December. However, if you think you’ve left it too late to post back, you can hand your postal vote in to any polling place in Fife on 12 December between 7am and 10pm.

More information including a list of polling places and candidates standing can be found at

Anyone wanting to vote in the General Election had to make sure that their name was on the voter register by midnight on Tuesday 26 November.  However, the register is updated continuously throughout the year so although it’s too late to register for this election, registering to vote after this date would allow you to take part in any future elections. For more information and to register to vote visit