Scrutiny committee reviews registration service

Councillors recently reviewed the work of Fife Council’s registration service, which includes carrying out civil marriages as well as registering births and deaths.

Cllr Tim Brett, Convener of the Environment, Finance and Communities Scrutiny Committee said: “Following some concerns raised about where people can register their marriage, the scrutiny committee welcomed an update on the registration service.
“We registered nearly 1,500 marriages in 2018 in a range of venues across Fife.
“Overall fewer people are getting married and, given the different types of ceremony couples can choose, there are less religious and belief marriages but the number of civil marriages has remained constant. However, the committee welcomes the team's marketing efforts and I hope members of the public realise how accommodating our registrars can be to help people achieve the wedding off their dreams!”

Last year marriage ceremonies took place at 245 different venues around Fife, from historic buildings, fairy-tale castles and elegant mansion houses to stylish registrars’ offices. The council’s team can offer advice about completing legal documentation as well as personalising your ceremony with vows, readings, music, hand fasting and quaich ceremony.

Commenting further on the report, Cllr Tim Brett said: “The statistics presented also showed that, in 2018, the number of deaths – 3,862 - was significantly higher than the number of births at 3,409.
“Council staff register these births, deaths and marriages by appointment in eight of our local offices. The committee noted that, given the range of duties the team carry out within the local offices, it’s difficult to establish precise costs for the registration function.”

For more information about civil ceremonies for a simple, set fee go to or you can book an appointment with a registrar by telephone 03451 550077.