Pupils sign up to save a life

This article is more than 3 years old

On Tuesday 5 November over 100 pupils and teachers at Inverkeithing High School signed up to become potential donors for the Anthony Nolan Trust with the real possibility they could save a life.

As a legacy to Fife fire officer Gary Dall, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service visited the school to talk to pupils, explain what the trust does and tell them how they can help. Gary died following a battle with blood cancer.

David McNinch, Guidance Teacher at Inverkeithing, said “This brilliant campaign was peer led with 9 pupils volunteering to be champions of this worthwhile cause. Using social media, posters and discussions with fellow pupils, these Champions were able to get the message out and encourage people to get on board. This initial stage only involves taking a painless saliva sample. These are sent off for testing and names go onto a register. We’re hoping this will become a regular event when we have the new intake of pupils into the school.”

Dunfermline Station Commander, Bryan Todd explained “Working in partnership with the Trust, the Scottish Fire Service have now recruited over 14,000 potential donors. Of these 54 have gone on to actually donate and save a life.  We think this is a tremendous legacy to Gary. As we see it, this is just another way that we can go out and save lives.”

Studies have shown that people within the age range of 13 – 30 are potentially the best donors for life saving blood stem cell or bone marrow transplants. These donations save the lives of people across the globe with blood cancer and blood disorders.