Preparing for winter in Fife

This article is more than 3 years old

Cllr Altany Craik with FC Transportation Team

THE festive season is almost upon us and it’s a busy time of year for many fifers – but don’t forget it’s also important to be prepared and ready for winter weather too.

Dropping temperatures saw our drivers head out last night (Thursday 7 November) around 9pm to spread the first load of grit this winter with 21 gritters treating all primary routes across FIfe  The council has also been busy planning ahead for winter and is committed to keeping the Kingdom moving despite the weather.

Convener – Economy Tourism. Strategic Planning & Transportation Committee, Councillor Altany Craik explained: “The council starts planning ahead for winter in the summer months to ensure that everything is in place.

“The council’s winter fleet includes 61 vehicles ready to treat Fife’s roads and 34 mini-tractors to clear and grit footpaths.

“We are currently taking delivery of 2,000 tonnes of salt, which will take Fife’s total stock to nearly 22,000 with additional deliveries during the winter period.

“When weather is extremely bad, we have access to up to 1000 personnel to work on the road network and we also have arrangements for external resources, plant and equipment.

“By taking these steps now, we aim to keep Fife’s roads safe during the winter.

“As always during this period, key staff will be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep our road network open. Of course, it’s also important for Fifers to make sure they know where to find the information they need ahead of any severe weather.”

You can also plan ahead by staying informed – and there’s some really easy ways to do that.

Before any severe weather hits, make sure you do these three things to get the important information you’ll need:

  • Follow Fife Council on Facebook and Twitter. All winter updates will appear as they happen, direct to your mobile phone or computer.
  • Go online to - get the information you need. There’s plenty of advice on how to prepare whether at home, in the car and in your community.
  • Tune in to your local radio stations: Kingdom FM (95.2 & 96.1), Forth One (97.3) and Tay FM (96.4 &102.8) will have all the latest updates. Individual school closures are broadcast when the decision is made not to open. The head teacher will make the final decision whether or not to open the school during severe weather. This decision will be made with as much notice as possible.

If you need emergency help, speak to an advisor by calling us on 03451 550011 from Mon-Fri, 8am 'til 6pm (Option 3 for Transportation/Road Faults) or 03451 550099 between 6pm-8am on weekdays, at weekends & on public holidays. . For all information on winter in Fife go to