Let's talk about transporting people

This article is more than 3 years old

Fife’s a big place and our population is spread across lots of towns, villages and rural communities.

The council spends £22 million each year subsidising different types of transport to help all sorts of people get from A to B.

This covers things like:

  • school buses – or minibuses and taxis where needed - to get young Fifers to and from school
  • 53 subsidised local bus services that support 2.3 million journeys to work, shops and social visits
  • a rail concession which lets people aged 60+ and people with a disability travel between Fife stations for £1
  • bookable, door to door transport services for people who are unable to use public transport
  • But - are we transporting people in the best possible way?

We want Fifers to be more involved in deciding what kind of services are needed and how we make best use of our money.

Even if you and your family don’t use any of these services today – you might need to in the future.

Or perhaps you have some bright ideas that would help people stay connected and get the things they need without travelling as much.

Everyone’s welcome to get involved in the conversation.

How the process will work

We’re trying a new way to involve people in designing the future of Fife-wide, council services - in this case subsidised passenger transport services.

This isn’t a one-off survey. Between now and September 2020 we want to talk about:

  • what’s already working well
  • what opportunities are out there
  • what options are possible for the future
  • and which options people prefer

There’ll also be opportunities in the months ahead for community groups and transport users to talk to council officers face to face and to give feedback offline.

This is about Our Fife. So let’s talk.

Stage 1. Discover * Sept 2019

Help everyone get a better understanding of what the council provides now - and why we do it.

  • Think about what works well now.
  • Ask us questions about existing services.

Stage 2. Dream * Oct - Nov 2019

Explore how things might be in an ideal world and what might be needed in the future.

  • Online and offline discussions.
  • Gathering ideas.

Stage 3. Design together * Feb - Mar 2020

Present back people’s dreams, any challenges and gather more feedback on potential service design options.

  • A chance to work together to weigh up and develop options for the future.

Stage 4. Decide * Aug - Sept 2020

Present a range of feasible options.

  • Community vote on preferred service designs.

Find out more and get involved at our.fife.scot/transportingpeople