Keeping warm and well in winter


Winter is with us once more and there’s much we can do to prepare ourselves and our homes:

  • stocking up your store cupboard and freezer with soup, dried foods, and also some food that you can eat even if there is a power cut;
  • making sure you keep extra supplies of essential medication ( also some aspirin or paracetamol) in case it is difficult to get to the pharmacy;
  • using a walking stick and shoes with good grip to improve balance on slippery pavements; and
  • getting supplies of salt, grit and shovels for keeping doorsteps and paths clear. Grit bins are re-filled on an ad-hoc basis throughout the course of the winter season e.g. customer request. If your grit bin is empty you can request a refill by phoning 03451 55 00 11.

If pipes become frozen:

  • defrost them applying gentle heat by wrapping heated towels around pipes;
  • do not turn on your heating system to thaw frozen pipework; and
  • if a burst occurs turn off the stopcock and phone 08451 550011 or if after 5 pm call 08451 550099.

Many go away for the holidays and leave their home unoccupied, here are a few simple steps to protect your home:

  • turn off and drain down the plumbing system, if you need help with this contact your Local Office;
  • have any leaks at taps, stopcocks or ball valves repaired;
  • leave a key with a neighbour or relative and tell your neighbours who to contact in case of an emergency at your home;
  • or leave your heating on to maintain an adequate temperature to prevent freezing.

Councillor Judy Hamilton, Convenor for Communities and Housing said: “Whilst we are working hard to work to tackle the problem of fuel poverty in the Kingdom, there is still a huge amount of work to be done to assist households which are having difficulty heating their homes to a reasonable standard and at a reasonable cost. We hope people will have a safe and warm winter but understand this can be a very distressing time for those who simply can’t afford the rising costs we are all facing.

For some, leaving their heating on all the time just isn’t an option. We’d like to remind people that if they are struggling with the cost of heating their home Cosy Kingdom is there to help! This free and impartial service is open to all tenants and homeowners and has already helped over 5,000 Fifers – why not join them?

You can get in touch with Cosy Kingdom by phoning 01592 858458, email or text 'COSY' then 'YOUR NAME' to 88440.