It’s National Power of Attorney day, Do you have Power of Attorney?

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People across Scotland are being encouraged to plan for the future by obtaining Power of Attorneys (POA) to protect the wishes of relatives and friends in the event of illness or accidents.

There may come a point in all our lives when we have to help and support others such as elderly relatives, or receive help and support ourselves. But what if, due to accident or illness, the person needing support has lost capacity?

Many people think that as their next of kin or family member they will automatically be able to do this – wrong!

Decisions can only be taken on behalf of another person, if they have Power of Attorney in place

POA is a legal document giving a nominated person authority to act or make decisions on your behalf if you lose capacity and are no longer able to look after your financial or personal affairs.

It allows you to choose who should decide personal welfare issues in the future (e.g. where you live/who looks after you etc).

Do you have one?
It’s for people like you, it’s for anyone over 16

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