Cupar Town Centre Bin Switch

Kerbside bins in Cupar town centre are set to change on Friday 6 December.

Cupar town centre bin collections are to change so that blue bins are used for landfill waste and grey bins are for paper and cardboard. This brings town centre properties in line with the rest of Cupar and most of Fife.

Currently, domestic properties in Cupar town centre are provided with a grey 240 litre bin for landfill waste that is emptied weekly every Friday.  All grey bins in the town centre will be swapped over for blue bins. These blue bins will be for landfill waste, and will have the same waste capacity as the grey bin.

Residents should present their grey bin on 6 December. Once the grey bin is emptied, please leave it on the kerbside as it will be swapped over later in the day. Residents with a small blue paper bin should also put this out for collection, as it will be swapped over for a grey bin for paper waste.

Bin collection frequency remains the same. The new blue landfill bin will continue to be emptied weekly on a Friday.

Around 250 properties are affected by the change.

Residents on a black landfill sack collection will be unaffected and collections will continue as normal. The sack collection day will remain the same.

Properties in this area will be assessed over the coming months as the council works to deliver a more standard recycling service. The first step is to standardise the bin colours in line with the rest of the town.

If householders only have a landfill bin, but have space for additional bins, and would like a recycling service, please contact Fife Council on 03451 55 00 22.

All householders affected will receive a letter about the bin swap, and both blue and grey bins will be tagged the week before the changes (29 November 2019).

In 2010 when the new 4 bin system was rolled out across Fife most of the domestic properties were converted from grey landfill and blue paper to blue landfill and grey paper. However, there were small pockets of properties that weren’t converted and some of these properties still retain the old colour system. The aim of this bin switch is to standardise the colour of bins and waste disposal to make it easier for both customers and the crews who service the bins.