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Rabbit Braes Community Park – Active Travel Corridor

The Rabbit Braes Community Park active travel route will provide a link from the Oriel Road and Wester Bogie Road shared pedestrian/ cycle track, to Dunearn Drive.

The link will enable sustainable and active travel on an east/west axis through the middle of Kirkcaldy. We hope this will join up Newliston, Templehall, Hayfield and Sinclairtown. Key trip generators nearby include:

  • Rabbit Braes Community Park
  • the Linton Lane Centre
  • the 24th Fife Scout Group
  • the family centre
  • community centre
  • church
  • local shops

Development of the active travel route will support the Templehall Neighbourhood Masterplan. It will improve connectivity for leisure, commuting or commercial journeys, such as shopping trips.

We will construct a 3m - 4m wide segregated shared pedestrian/ cycle path, connecting to the existing toucan crossing on Wester Bogie Road. on the north side of Bennochy Road. A raised crossing, such as a zebra crossing, will be installed on Broom Road, near Bennochy Road. This will link into Rabbit Braes Community Park.

We will resurface and upgrade the existing path, with widening to 3.0m. This will run all the way to the western footway of Dunearn Drive, finishing immediately north of the 24th Fife Scout Group hut. It will provide a link from the upgraded path to the western end of Linton Lane.

We will consider opportunities to assist people with mobility disabilities along the corridor. This may be provision of seating areas, for example.

  • Timeline: The construction works will begin late in 2022, taking approximately four months
  • Distance: 1.5km approx
  • Approximate infrastructure investment: £300,000
  • Key features:
    • a shared pedestrian/cycle route
    • a new zebra crossing on Broom Road
    • upgrade of the existing park path
    • link to an existing shared pedestrian/cycle path
    • active travel network

If you wish to comment on the works, or need further information, please email:

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