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Assets, Transportation and Environment Services

Assets, Transportation and Environment Services

Privacy Notice for AT&E

  1. Purpose of the processing and the legal basis for the processing:

Assets, Transportation and Environment (AT&E) collect, process and hold your personal information to deliver AT&E functions.  Examples of AT&E services in which personal information will be gathered are:-

  • For the purposes of Costing;
  • Requisitions for material;
  • Manual and Electronic Time Sheets;
  • Manual and Electronic Certification for Regulatory or legislative purposes;
  • Scheduling Work;
  • Allocation of assets;
  • School Transport Contracts;
  • Training records; and
  • Health and Safety.

AT&E has a duty to provide these services in order to ensure:

  • Compliance with Regulatory or legislative requirements
  • Compliance with Health and Safety
  • Compliance with Security.

2. Please describe the categories of personal data processed by your Service or service:

The personal data we may process includes:-

  • Name, address, mobile numbers, email address, Payroll number, Photographs, Qualifications, car registration numbers, relevant criminal information and CCTV images.

3. Any recipient or categories of recipients of the personal data:

We may share your information with partner organisations, including:-

  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA);
  • Police Scotland;
  • Other Local Authorities;
  • Public Service Bodies and Organisations;
  • Internal and External Audit;
  • Other Council Services;
  • Elected Members;
  • Suppliers; and
  • Regulatory and legislative Bodies including Central Government.

4. The source the personal data originates from and whether it came from publicly accessible sources (including information gathered about third parties e.g. where we have gathered information about a third party during discussions with a service user):

We will receive information about you from yourself, other Council Services, Public Service Bodies, Police Scotland and Regulatory and Legislative Bodies including Central Government.

6. Whether the provision of personal data is part of a statutory or contractual requirement or obligation and possible consequences of failing to provide the personal data:

In the event that we did not request and use this information then it would not be possible to carry out our statutory functions as AT&E