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Property enquiry and inspection services


Property inspection services

We can inspect work carried out without a building warrant and, if satisfactory, issue a letter (sometimes called a "letter of comfort") to confirm that no enforcement action will be taken in terms of unauthorised building works, or against any outstanding building warrants where the certificate of completion has not been issued.

It is only suitable for unauthorised work carried out before the 1st May 2005 or outstanding building warrants submitted before the 1st May 2005.

All other work that required a building warrant and was carried out after the 1st May 2005 should be subject to a late building warrant application or completion certificate submission under the current Building (Scotland) Act. 2003.

Property enquiry services

We also offer services to check the application history of a property and to provide copies of any relevant documents or drawings. We hold most files from 1992 onwards. If you require any records from an earlier year please contact us by email to check if they are available.

Contact:   Building Standards & Public Safety 
Tel: 03451 55 11 22