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Mutual exchange

It's worth thinking about a 'home swap' if you're looking to move house. A swap can help you move quickly. It also gives you control in deciding where you stay. Someone you know may be looking to move to a smaller home; you, on the other hand, need somewhere bigger. A mutual exchange would mean neither of you need to go back on the FHR list. You would swap homes and each takes up the new tenancy.

There are lots of different options available to you if you fit the criteria below:

  • Fife council tenant
  • Tenant of another local authority
  • Tenant of a housing association
  • All tenants involved must have a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement

Swaps are not limited to just two households; mutual exchange 'chains' can be done. This is when three or more homes are involved in the swap.

You must request your mutual exchange in writing. You can do this:

  • by selecting the Mutual Exchange form link below, download the form, save the form to your device, complete the form and save when completed, then attach and send by email to
  • by completing a paper form - this is available from your nearest customer service centre or FHR partner office

All mutual exchange requests will be considered, however some rules do apply. Your rent should be up-to-date, and your home kept in good order. Normally we will refuse mutual exchange applications where:

  • a notice for eviction has been served on you or the person you are swapping with
  • an eviction order is in place
  • there are rent arrears or outstanding recharges
  • the house has been designed or adapted for someone with specific needs
  • the exchange would result in under-occupation (too many bedrooms)
  • the exchange would result in overcrowding (not enough bedrooms)
  • you're not a secure tenant
  • you or the person you're swapping with has a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy (SSST)
  • if the inside of the properties are not to a reasonable standard for both tenants

How can I find someone to exchange with?

HomeSwap is Fife Housing Register’s online mutual exchange service. It allows you to register your own property advert and search online for other tenants looking to exchange.

Tenants of the following landlords can sign up to our HomeSwap service:

  • Fife Council
  • Ark Housing Association
  • Blackwood Homes
  • Dunedin Canmore Housing Association
  • Fife Housing Group
  • Glen Housing Association
  • Hillcrest Homes
  • Home Group
  • Kingdom Housing Association
  • Link Housing Association
  • Ochil View Housing Association
  • Ore Valley Association
  • Viewpoint Housing Association

You can find out more about HomeSwap on the Fife Housing Register Website. Frequently Asked Questions help to explain how the site works and what to expect when using the service. If you are interested and a tenant of one of the landlords above, you can sign up and create an advert.

If your landlord isn’t included above, you can’t sign up to HomeSwap but you can visit our Public Register and contact another tenant if you are a social housing tenant.

There's also support if you want to move outside Fife. We suggest contacting the council or a housing association based in the area you're looking to move to. They will give you information on how to register your details locally with them. They may also recommend an external or national mutual exchange website.

If you need to contact us, please by email