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Welcome to the the Learning and Development page.

A new CPC Training Calendar is currently being developed, to allow you to click on the training you wish to attend.

Book a Child Protection Training Course

GIRFEC and Child Protection Inter-agency training During Covid-19

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and the rules around social distancing, we are unable to provide the face to face training around GIRFEC Principles and Practice; Child Protection and other training.

It is essential that training is available to staff across all agencies at this time. The CPC Workforce Development Group has been looking at a number of options for online training both from a single agency and multi agency perspective.

Please visit our eLearning site, for all relevant eLearning modules. Some of the modules we offer are:

  • Child Protection Awareness Refresher
  • Child Sexual Exploitation for Fife Council Partner Organisations
  • CPC GIRFEC and Child Protection for Fife Council Partner Organisations
  • CPC: Preparation for Court for Fife Council Partner Organisations
  • Protecting Children in Scotland for Fife Council Partner Organisations
  • Self-Harm and Suicide - Supporting Young People
  • TRAUMA: Becoming Trauma Informed (Trauma Tier 1 Training
  • TRAUMA: Developing Your Trauma Skilled Practice (Trauma Tier 2 Training)

Child Protection Training

  • An Introduction to Child Protection can be accessed on CALA eLearning website. To access the free courses on this website you will need to register an account. This resource is currently used by NHS Highland and Highland Council; however it is open to all.
  • NHS Education have an online course Protecting Children that is for all staff
  • Fife Council Social Work Staff can access the online module - Child Protection Awareness
    **We hope to add more in- depth courses in Child Protection online over time**


The principles and practice of GIRFEC are at the core of what we do in supporting children and young people.

There are a number of resources available to staff across the partner agencies:

  • Fife GIRFEC website
    • Practice Development Session presentations (Introduction to GIRFEC/Child Wellbeing Pathway; Chronologies; Information Sharing; Wellbeing Meetings and Child’s Plan)
    • This information is suitable for staff involved in the child wellbeing process
    • All Fife paperwork is available on this website.
  • Argyll & Bute GIRFEC website
    • Elearning module suitable for all staff – accessed from the link page above

Learn Pro: Safeguarding Children

This module looks at GIRFEC principles and safeguarding children and is available   to all NHS staff via Learn Pro.

Writing Analysis in Social Care

We have a free online course to support ‘Writing Analysis in Social Care’.

The aim of this course is to provide a practical framework for supporting the writing of analysis in social care records. This course aims to be relevant across social work domains.


  • CALA eLearning
    • This elearning module is suitable for staff across partner agencies who are involved in writing chronologies as part of professional documentation and contributing to child wellbeing meetings/child’s plans.

Child’s Plan

  • CALA eLearning
    • This elearning module is suitable for staff across partner agencies who are involved in contributing to child’s plans/writing child’s plans.
    • **Please note that the paperwork at the end of this module is that used by Highland. The Fife paperwork can be accessed via the GIRFEC Fife website listed above**

Child Sexual Exploitation

  • CALA eLearning
    • This module is suitable for all staff.
    • **The module refers to NHS Highland/Highland Council policy – please note that the Fife Underage Sexual Activity policy is available here**
  • Fife Council Social Work staff can access the online module Child Exploitation Awareness

Adverse Childhood Experiences/Psychological Trauma

Fife Trauma Training Collaborative is a multi agency group that have created some eLearning modules for staff to undertake.

  • Tier 1 Training – Becoming Trauma Informed - this is suitable for all staff
  • Tier 2 Training – Developing Your Trauma Skilled Practice – this is suitable for practitioners working with children/young people particularly where there is trauma in the background

Click here for a link to the modules.


Learning About Neglect event series - Thinking Critically About Neglect - webinar no. 1 - Child Protection Scotland

Learning About Neglect Event Series - webinar 2 - Family Group Decision-Making for unborn babies and young infants - Child Protection Scotland

National Trauma Training Programme

NTTP website
Learning resource PDF
Tweet hashtag and handle #transformingpsychologicaltrauma    
E-module - Trauma Skilled practice
Staff Wellbeing Resources Sway
Adverse Childhood Experiences info
Rights of the Child info
Scotland’s Public Health Priorities
Trauma Champion info
Knowledge Hub Community of Practice
Trauma Informed Leadership (STILT)