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Curriculum for Excellence

Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is bringing an exciting new direction to learning and teaching across the Kingdom.

CfE is the curriculum in Scotland and brings life to learning for all of Fife’s children and young people aged between 3 and 18, in nursery, primary, secondary, at college, workplace or community learning. It takes a fresh approach to what, how and where young people learn.

Here in Fife, we want our children and young people to have the best educational experience possible. To do this, as well as having good quality teachers, we also have to make sure the learning environment and our schools are fit for purpose. This means that in the design of our new schools, we need to provide the right type of modern learning spaces and facilities for new styles of learning.

For example:

  • working collaboratively
  • doing practical work inside or outside the classroom
  • researching
  • using digital resources with ease

This will encourage independent learners.

15-24 Learner Journey

The 15-24 Learner Journey Review was published by the Scottish Government in May 2018. The Education Service should take account of this document in relation to the future school estate for our learners. The key components of this, following stakeholder engagement by the Scottish Government, have confirmed that Scotland has many of the key components of a high quality 15-24 education system in place.

Multi-Service Approach

In respect of the function of schools within communities, new build schools are being designed, where possible, to offer co-location opportunities to other Fife Council services and facilities. For example, libraries and local area offices sharing the same space. Such a model is consistent with the Council’s drive to provide accessible and sustainable community services, while managing public funds efficiently. We're optimising use of all available buildings within communities, both internal and external to the Council.