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Estimated Grades – Requests for Information – Guidance for Pupils and Parents

In light of the recent changes relating to exam results, Parents and Pupils may wish to request information relating to how these grades have been decided.

There are two types of requests that can be made depending on who is making the request:

  • Subject Access Request (SAR) – These can be made by the data subject, namely the pupil in this case. Or by the parent on behalf of the pupil.  In this situation we will be required to request consent from the pupil. Please note, this right also allows for an internal review to be carried out and the option to raise a complaint to ICO.
  • Education Record Request – Parents and carers with parental rights can ask for information relating to their child’s Education Record.  Please note, this process does not provide a right to an internal review.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has provided guidance to pupils and parents at the following link.

This means that information relating to the following can be provided under SAR and Education Records requests:

  • The teacher assessment 
  • Written comments about the provisional grade and/or rank order
  • Records of past performance

However, information relating to the following is exempt and cannot be provided under the above legislation:

  • Information the pupil has recorded themselves, such as copies of their answers from mock exams, assignments or assessments.

To make a request, please make a request using the form linked below.