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Education Records

A parent/carer is entitled to ask for information relating to their child on their behalf under DPA until the child reaches the age of 12, where parental responsibility is held.  More information relating to subject access requests can be found on our Data Protection - Request for Information page.

During the time a child is at school, under The Pupils Education Records (Scotland) Regulations 2003, a carer/parent, who has parental rights, is entitled to ask for information that is held about the child’s education.  This is called an Education Record request.

Meaning of educational record

  1. In these Regulations “educational records” means any records of information, excluding information contained in a Record of Needs, which–
    1. are processed by or on behalf of the responsible body;
    2. relate to any person who is or has been a pupil at the school;
    3. relate to the school education of that person; and
    4. originated from or was supplied by any of the persons specified in paragraph (2) below, other than information which is kept and intended to be kept by a teacher or by an employee of the responsible body solely for their own use.
  1. The persons referred to in paragraph (l)(d) are–
    1. a teacher;
    2. any other employee of the responsible body;
    3. the pupil to whom the information relates; or
    4. a parent of that pupil.

Retention of files - Education records are kept for 5 years after the child leaves the school.

Timescale for responding to requests – The above regulations allow for up to 15 school days to provide a response to a request.

If you are a parent requesting proof of enrolment information for your child, these requests can be made to your child’s school directly. Alternatively, your request can be made via the Information Management & Request Team by using the on-line form below.  To assist both the school and IMRT to process your request quickly, please provide the following information:

· Child’s Name and DOB

· School Attending/Attended

· Home Address

· Description of the information requested.

To make a request:

complete the online form below


by post to IMRT, 1st Floor, Fife House, Glenrothes, Fife, KY7 5LT

Information Requests Online

If you have difficulty viewing the information request form, open it in a new browser window