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Super Sponsorship

As of 13th July 2022, Scottish Government have paused their Super Sponsorship scheme.

This means new visas with the Scottish Government named as sponsor cannot be submitted.

Applications submitted before this date are not affected. Please read the Scottish Government's latest announcement on Super Sponsorship, for more information.

Offers of accommodation to support the Super Sponsorship scheme can still be provided.  If you wish to offer accommodation in Scotland, please visit the Scottish Government's new Super Sponsorship Scheme online information page and record your interest.

We will continue to work through offers of accommodation made available through our Fife communities. We are carrying out an assisted matching process, to connect Ukrainian arrivals with approved sponsors.

The Homes for Ukraine scheme and visa route also remains open for applications.

Scottish Government Super Sponsorship

The Scottish Government’s ‘Super-Sponsor’ route removes the need for advance host matching, allowing a Ukrainian family/individual to be cleared for travel through the visa system, without a named host being identified.

When applying for a visa under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme, Ukrainians opt for the organisational sponsor route by selecting 'The Scottish Government' from a drop-down question.

Scottish households who have registered their interest in being a host will be contacted by the Scottish Government to discuss being part of the Super Sponsor route. This would allow host checks to be completed in advance, and if approved, an assisted matching process will be carried out.

Interested in Hosting/Sponsoring?

Scottish Government guidance outlines our role in the sponsorship process and is in addition to the main UK Government guidance on Homes for Ukraine.

Before agreeing to sponsor you must ensure:

  • You can provide accommodation for a minimum of 6 months
  • You agree to Enhanced Disclosure Scotland checks for yourself and all household members aged 16 and above
  • You agree to a Local Authority home visit to assess the suitability of accommodation offered
  • You have checked your mortgage lenders website, or if you are a tenant, you have sought an agreement with your landlord
  • You have carefully considered what sponsoring means and the impact it may have on you and your own family, and you are aware of host expectations (see Scottish Government guidance for further information)
  • You should contact your home insurance provider if your plans to sponsor progress

Please ensure you have read the most up-to-date information.

For more information, Please visit the Scottish Government's How the Homes for Ukraine Super Sponsor Scheme works

We’re working as quickly as possible to put services in place to support the Scottish Government Super Sponsorship scheme.

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