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Tree maintenance

Fife Council provides a professional, high-quality, arboreal service for the inspection and maintenance of trees on all areas of Fife Council-owned land. Fife Council does not provide a service for privately owned trees.

There are over 800 woodlands across Fife and hundreds of thousands of individual trees in urban areas. The Council has limited resources to respond to tree problems and job requests and therefore has to prioritise works on a risk-managed basis. In 2019, we produced a Tree Management Strategy, which has been designed to maximise the benefits associated with trees and minimise the risks and difficulties they present to the public. The Tree Management Strategy is intended to make the decision-making process around tree work more transparent.

The document ‘Getting To The Root Of The Issue’ which can also be found in the publications section below, provides further information on the Tree Maintenance Service carried out by Fife Council and will answer the majority of general tree enquiries you may have.

If you are looking for information on Protected Trees and Tree Preservation Orders then you can find this on the Protected Trees page.

Contacting us about a Tree

If you need to contact us about a tree then use one of the following forms depending on the location of the tree.

If the tree is not on a road then use the Tree Maintenance Enquiry form below:

If the tree is on a road then use the Report a Road Fault form below (please select the 'something else' and 'tree on the road' options at the start of this form):

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