Kirkcaldy High School

  • Secondary School

Kirkcaldy High School Dunnikier Way Kirkcaldy Fife KY1 3LR

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Opening times

School Office Hours: 8.30am-5.00pm Community Office Hours: 6.00pm-10.00pm


  • Classroom
  • Disabled Parking
  • Disabled Ramp
  • Emergency Centre
  • Fitness Suite
  • Five-a-Side Pitch
  • Football Pitch
  • Gymnasium
  • Kitchen
  • Library
  • Lift
  • Parking Facilities - Free
  • Sports Hall
  • Squash Court
  • Stage
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Court

We are a happy and successful learning community, working hard together to serve the needs and ambitions of the young people of the northern part of Kirkcaldy. Our catchment extends from Redcraigs in the west to Hendry Road in the east and includes the Dunnikier, Templehall, and Dunearn areas of the town as well as the new developments to the north of Chapel Level. Our cluster of primary schools are; Capshard, Fair Isle, Torbain and Valley.

Kirkcaldy High School has a long and proud tradition, with many former students proving their worth on the international stage in fields such as economics, architecture, literature, music, sport and politics. The original “Burgh” school dates from 1582 with the "High School" name first established in 1843. After a sequence of relocations, our current campus was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1958.

In more recent times, our school has developed into a first class community campus well able to meet the needs of a diverse school population and local community. We are a modern school with the most up-to-date equipment and resources; a forward thinking learning community developing the "Curriculum for Excellence" in tandem with a range of community partners.

In the past few sessions we have seen the significant development of our facilities with the installation of all weather sports areas which enhance the beautiful parkland grounds in which our school is set. We have also invested heavily in Information and Communications Technology across the school - all classes benefit from having digital projection facilities, and we have readily available computer suites to support learning in any curricular area.

We also enjoy very strong support from our Parent Partnership, Kirkcaldy High School Association and Friends of Kirkcaldy High School. In 2007, we became one of the Scottish Government’s “Schools of Ambition”, a highly successful initiative which has focused on developing leadership capacity and aspiration across the whole school community.

A Report published by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education in November 2012 confirmed that the school is making strong progress with its goals and identified many key strengths: pupils who are proud of their school and positive about learning, high achievement in out-of-class learning, high quality pastoral care, very good community partnership working, staff who listen to and involve pupils and the headteacher’s leadership of an improving school.  Please see the HMIe page on our website.

In KHS we encourage all learners to make the most of their talents and to develop the personal qualities, confidence, knowledge and above all, the skills which will prepare them to make a positive contribution to the local and wider community. Having consulted on what we stand for as a learning community, we have agreed that our school values;

  • Respect for self
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for learning

Our school motto is USQUE CONABOR - 'I strive to the utmost’ and this underpins the attitude we seek to develop. We achieve our goals through the formal and informal curriculum, and through the positive relationships we foster at all levels. Increasingly, we use "restorative" approaches when relationships are not as positive as we would wish. We find this is better for building a happy, orderly and productive ethos than more traditional "behaviour management" or "discipline" policies.

Crucial to this success is the partnership which is established between parent, pupil and school. It is a core aspect of our ethos. We have recently established a very sophisticated personal learning planning process which is central to this partnership.

The school is always keen to encourage learners to achieve better things by supporting them in as many ways as possible, and by recognising excellence and hard work. Pupils who achieve Regional or National recognition in sport, music, drama, community service etc are presented with a special school tie or badge.

To foster a supportive ethos, we have a pastoral care system in which around 300 students are placed in one of four houses, according to their guidance grouping. Through this, we promote a healthy competition amongst pupils in a range of fields such as sports, achievement and effort.

In Kirkcaldy High School, we have a strong sense of purpose, pride and ambition, and we will continue to work with families and community partners to further develop our effectiveness and impact. We look forward to fully delivering the entitlements of "Curriculum for Excellence". Successful, relevant learning is the key to improving individual life chances and the prosperity of our community.